JSDaP Series AC Servo Motor


220V Class:suitable motor capacity:100W ~ 15KW


  • Complete Model
    TECO JSDA & JSDE servo driver when integrated with JSMA Servo Motor 100W ~ 15KW, and combined with a 2000 / 2500 / 8192 ppr incremental encoder will provide excellent performance for a wide range of applications.
  • Multi-Function
    Torque, Speed, Position, Point to Point setting and dual control mode, which enables optimal control by integration with other control systems.
  • Main Circuit/ Control Circuit Power Separation
    Effective protective function, simple to check available for JSDA.
  • Built-in Brake Unit
    To meet the requirement of high inertia load changes.
    JSDA:Built-in Braking transistor and Braking resistor
    JSDE:Built-in Braking transistor
  • Simple Gain tuning
    Built-in 10 levels of system rigidity setting and ON-Line / OFF-Line auto gain tuning.
  • Notch Filter
    Effective suppression of mechanical resonance to provide a stable control system.
  • Flexible Gain Control Switching
    Speed loop PI(Proportional-Integral)control and P(Proportional)control switching can suppress overshoot and undershoot while motor speeds up or down.
  • Built-in 16 sets programmable position settings, which enable point to point position control.
  • Smoothing Effect
    In position/ speed mode, the adjustment of time parameter modifies the speed/ position curve , provides smooth operation , therefore extends the life expectancy of the mechanical system.
  • User friendly interface. Displays status indication and Diagnostics
  • Multi-sets of programmable I/O ports for multi-function
  • Complete protective function and multiple alarms for abnormal system behavior
  • PC operating software on TECO SERVO
    With Chinese traditional font/Chinese simplified font/English version on TECO SERVO for parameter read/write, gain adjustment, status indication and digital scope simulating for monitoring internal signals through RS-232 interface.

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