v33 series ac drives


400V Class: suitable motor capacity:0.75~800kW
460V Class: suitable motor capacity:1~800HP
525V Class: suitable motor capacity:1.1~630kW
575V Class: suitable motor capacity:75~1000HP
690V Class: suitable motor capacity:90~1000kW


  • Safe and efficient control of movements
    • Protective and efficient starts
    • Controlled ramping for safe start-up
  • Optimized operation and full control
    • Direct torque control eliminates disturbances
    • Protection against damage and downtime
    • Speed controller increases efficiency
    • Safe and efficient braking
  • For Cranes, Crushers, Mills and Mixers applications
  • User-friendly and reliable operation
  • Cost-efficient and flexible installation
  • Options add functionality
  • A complete series
  • Simplified maintenance

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